My greatest asset is my inquisitive nature. Curiosity fuels my thinking and approach to design.

About me
Portrait of Tom Gillan on the beach

Currently, I’m working as a UX/UI designer at Kooba, where I work closely with clients throughout the Ux process, from research through to design

My experience working in design studios has exposed me to various working methods and enabled me to create exceptional user-centred design in fast-paced environments. Empathy is key to my approach; understanding user and strategic goals are central to my work.

I am passionate about design and how it can improve lives. I enjoy a challenge and learning new things. When I'm not designing, I enjoy reading, skateboarding, and getting photos taken of me at the beach.

My approach

Step 1

Research and empathize

When I'm designing, it is always done with others in mind. Research allows me to move beyond personal insights and understand the problems users face.

Step 2

Innovate and design

Transforming insights into ideas is where the magic happens. I favour an iterative approach emphasising exploration, which allows me to arrive at novel solutions.

Step 3

Prototype and test

Testing allows me to answer questions like, will it work? Will people like it? And often, how crucially can we make it better.

More about me

Current student
Msc User experience design
IADT 2020 – 2022

1st class honors
BA Visual communications design
IADT 2015 – 2019


UX/UI Designer
January 2022 – Present

New Graphic
March 2020 – January 2022

Studio AAD
Digital design intern
Autum 2019

Pixel Design
Web design intern
Summer 2019

Freelance motion designer
Summer 2018

Freelance motion designer
Summer 2018

Bray Tourism
Freelance wayfinding designer
Summer 2018

Brand New Creative
Graphic design Intern
Summer 2018


Thinking fast and slow
by Daniel Kahneman

by Yuval Noah Harari

Tiny Habits
by BJ Fogg

by Nir Eyal

by Robert J.Cialdini

Type plus
by Yves Peters

Typography: Macro and Microaesthetics
by Willi Kunz

Brand new: The shape of brands to come
by Wally Olins