Karoshi is a Japanese word that translates to death by overwork. The cover represents how from the outside, the hardworking culture is presumed as the ideal and it is only through closer attention, and through reading the book, that the unsettling truth is revealed through the words of Karoshi victims. 

The books content is split between informative and emotional content. The informative content is made up of journalistic information and imagery, academic writings on the topic and how to prevent Karoshi. To give a more human emotional aspect to the book, personal stories and text produced by victims of Karoshi were integrated alongside the informative content.

Both informative and emotional stories are presented to the reader at the same time, with quotes in red on the transparent paper, and the informative content in black and white on off-white paper. The red text on tracing paper runs through the book, but stops short of the end of each chapter, symbolising the victim’s death.

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